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Aromatherapy, accepted by the medical establishment today as a form of alternative medicine, uses the essential oils of the plant and other aromatic plant ingredients to provide holistic treatment of the body and to ease a wide range of physical and mental skin problems. Aromatherapy’s history goes back 6,000 years. It was already used by the ancient nations, the Egyptians, the Chinese as well as the early Greeks and Romans. The Bible mentions essential oils 188 times – whether for religious rituals, beauty care, medical therapy or nutrition.

Health benefits of Aromatherapy

Essential oils are highly valued because they enhance skin penetration and rapidly penetrate the stratum corneum to the lower layers of the skin. Capable of stimulating blood circulation, they help to improve the efficiency of the immune system and benefit the entire body. Natural essential oils also have a positive influence on the mind – not only relaxing and stimulating, but also containing cleansing antiseptic properties. Essential oils are usually extracted by distillation and the amount of essential oil drawn from a plant varies between 0.01% and 0%, which explains why they are such expensive components in cosmetic formulas.

Style Aromatherapy Natural Anti-Aging is the natural answer to the aging of scalp and hair. With passing time scalp condition and flexibility, strength, texture, and appearance of the hair, tend to deteriorate. The anti-aging formula of Style Aromatherapy Hair Products and borage seed oil that has precious anti-aging properties delivers a remarkably effective answer to the scalp’s specific needs, as well as solutions for different hair problems. “NAA” formula helps to rebalance the scalp; reduces and prevents dryness and excessive oiliness, prevents dandruff, strengthens the hair fibers, restores hair flexibility, volume, and gloss that have been lost due to age-related problems.

Pro Hair Care Line is a professional hair care line based on natural essential oils that protect and pamper the hair and scalp. Every variant contains the pure essential oils selected for their efficacy that provide a focused natural answer to the specific needs of the specific hair and scalp.

Dead Sea Minerals

The Dead Sea is the lowest point on the planet. It lies on the borders of Jordan and Israel. Known for its high-density water and mineral rich soils, Dead Sea salt is the most natural and sort of remedy for scalp problems. The scalp, like any other part of the body, needs to be nourished. Dead Sea salt has got you covered with its rich minerals content. It contains sodium, sulfur, zinc, potassium, magnesium, and chloride.

These minerals have been found to rejuvenate and promote hair growth. If you have spent a lot of money on chemicals and commercial products to achieve a quick hair growth, it’s time to try out our product with Dead Sea Minerals.

Natural Anti Aging

We always love to be young, fit and beautiful. The biggest worry, when we pass over the years, is aging. Aging is a very common but yet a very complex process that occurs to every living object in this world. During the aging process, the cells become older, weaker and at last they become so damaged that they die. There are many advanced technologies used all over the world to stop or reverse this aging effect. However, the natural anti-aging technologies are always a better and safer option.

Style Aromatherapy is committed to using natural therapies to address the challenges of anti-aging. Our methodology begins with understanding the reasons why the process is accelerating, and then to offer solutions that slow and even stop, this deterioration.

Borage Seed Oil

It is known as the king of natural oils. Borage seed oil is extracted from a natural plant, named as Borage Officinalis, which contains natural anti-aging characteristics. It possesses one of the highest amounts of GLA which is very effective for the improvement of skin and scalp. Borage seed oil improves the functionality of cellular membrane by improving the stability and fluidity of cells and also preserve skin’s water loss barrier.

In terms of hair health and growth, Borage Seed Oil has been noted to treat inflamed hair follicles known as folliculitis. This is a disease caused by from unsanitary conditions like sitting in or wetting your hair in bacteria-infected hot tubes. Borage seed oil can be used daily to treat this problem.

About Israel

Israel is located in the Middle East on the Western part of the Asian continent at the crossroads of Africa and Asia.

The geography of Israel is quite interesting and diverse. There are the mountains in the North, desert in the south, flat and fertile inland coastal plain and, of course, the Mediterranean coast to the west

The beaches in Israel offer a variety of four bodies of water, ranging from extra salty in the dead sea to the freshwater lake of the Sea of Galilee or Kinneret.

One of the most spectacular natural landscapes in the world, the Dead Sea is the world’s largest day spa, where people from all over the world throughout history have traveled to bask in its natural pure waters and mud, renowned for their legendary curative and therapeutic powers. In fact, the Dead Sea was actually recently nominated to be the 8th wonder of the World.

Pro Series

A professional hair care line, based on Natural Anti-Aging technology and enriched with Dead Sea Minerals, Aromatherapy, and Essential Oils. Every variant contains the pure essential oils selected for their efficiency that provides a focused natural answer to the specific need of the specific hair and scalp.

The Pro Hair Care Line from Style Aromatherapy, Protects and Pampers your hair and scalp. It delivers both Professional and Natural benefits.

Ancient Secrets Series

After Straightening & Blow Drying Treatment Line

Innovative treatment hair care line based on pure Keratin & Patent technology Keravis™ formulated specially to treat the Hair after Straightening and daily blow drying. These combinations of plant origin protein increase the hair strength and avoid it from becoming fragile and brittle.

The delicate unique formula is free from Sodium Chloride salt, Paraben, SLS/SLES and enriched with Argan Oil, Natural Oil to ensure a long lasting protection of hair straitening results and improve dramatically the hair health and look.

Style Spa Elixir Series

The Natural Spa Elixir recognizes the added value of nature, the value which gives us health and peace.

The Natural Spa Elixir series brings you home, straight from nature directly from the Dead Sea water, salt, mud, and minerals – A balanced blend of mineral-based compounds which replenish and revitalize your skin, restoring its natural suppleness and moisture level.

The Dead Sea is the richest most ancient natural spa in the world, known for its therapeutic properties since Cleopatra.

The richest concentration (32%) of minerals in the world, exists only in the Dead Sea, located – 417 meters below sea level.

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